The seed for what was to become Windom End was planted back in 2007. During a heated debate among a group of friends, Pierre Stam and Tomas Nyström bonded over the greatest questions mankind has ever pondered: Who is ACTUALLY the greatest guitar player of all time.

”Steve Rothery”, they both proclaimed in unison. Strangers up until that moment, their eyes instantly locked. After staring at each other in disbelief for a second their lips once again parted as they shouted: ”BEST FRIENDS!”. The very next day, the duo started writing music together.

Pierre was already involved in the progressive death metal band In Mourning, with whom he released four albums and toured Europe. But now, he jumped with both feet at the opportunity to write music with a fellow progressive rock fan. After only a couple of writing sessions, him and Tomas realized how compatible they were musically, and they started looking for more members to join the band.

Over the years, several drummers have joined and left the band. It was one of those drummers who, at a neighborhood barbecue, started talking about how he was in a progressive rock band that needed a singer. The person he was talking to quickly put down his beer, swallowed the rest of the burger he was scarfing down, and replied: ”I can sing. I’m in!”

Mikael Arvidsson, guitarist turned singer, had joined the band.

At this point, Windom End had a bunch of songs completed, and plans were moving forward to record them. But when the band suddenly found themselves in between drummers again, things grinded to a halt.

Luckily, in Stockholm, only two hours away from the Windom End lair in Dalarna, drummer Tobias Lundgren was hungry for a new project. After parting ways with Moon Safari in 2015, he had found himself without a musical direction. Until a message from a complete stranger suddenly popped up on Facebook.“Hey, we’ve got a progressive rock band ready to record an album, and we’d really love for you to come and play with us.” It was Pierre, in a Hail Mary attempt to recruit a new batterist.

”Hell yes, I’m in!”

After only a couple of sessions in the rehearsal room, Tobias had found himself a new home musically.

Windom End Story



..."Embrace the day. Take heed of the dawn. Put colors to gray, have faith and hold on to dreams that will last, cause they will reveal the promises from ghosts of the past"...

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