we’re holding on tomorrow will arrive
on dusty roads, from sadness to survive
almost there

poor and spent, together we went
to search freedom here

wandering in herds
driven by words we all believe in
we all believe

now open the door the affluents provide
we’re taking all what ever given here with pride
we are here now

breathing when our life will never be like it was before
working to pay rent and stay to see
we can stay forevermore

leaving our life in this country behind
with dried out fields sickness and sorrow

praying for wellness and hope for mankind
and that it all gets better tomorrow

well-offs sending people to the fabric floor
sent off to work

town grows bigger every minute makes a change
get back to work

(we will do whatever you need us to do
 tired, stressed and hungry must survive and
 get back to work)

working hard, sleep, take the children back home from school,
eat, wash all clothes then it starts all over
need salvation, vacation
weekend rest is near

the summer heat is coming
and hammers in the mill still drumming
drumming to pay rent

and listen, there is someone crying
a parent of this child is dying
completely spent

people are falling
tired and torn
but words of wisdom sprawling
a common wealth is born

gathered within protest we stand
common words and hand in hand
the well-offs giving in

and new agreements taking form
getting calm within the storm
this war we will win

all of these long far roads that we’ve left behind
all the dreams and visions
will for a long time remind us
that we’ll make it together
alone we’re fall one by one

we’ll have to keep looking forward
and look forward to a time
where it falls together
where hope and history rhyme

through the maze we have won
given the praise for what we’ve done
to get free in this land
try to see, understand

breathing when our life will never be like it was before
feeling for the people left abroad what they fighting for
working just for nothing and you see
it will be forevermore

breathing when our life will never be like it was before

dreams of independence
better quality

same to same attendance

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