knocking on the neighbour door
just like a thousand times before
try to get a glimpse of chrome
in this well-off home

crouch for a flying stone
when she is walking all alone
her friends are nowhere to be seen

an ocean inside her filled with fears
projects without knowledge out in tears
no one else could know how she feel
no one ever know who's life they steal

caring for her sister's two
get her arms in black and blue
while keeping distance from their bad
intoxicated dad

conditions bad as they grow up
few pennies in a broken cup
try to make it day by day
it never changes anyway

a new day in school
a new set or cruel days
that always end better
for her friends

with decadence and dope
she becomes the deer
in the sniper's scope
but feeling better here

with a darkening sky
the stars almost gone
she still goes high
until way after dawn

reaching up for a helping hand
getting down by the fist
all believes in this promised land
disappear in the mist

she would meet and would always see
a society maze
for the dream that will never be
seeking comfort in the haze

treason, highs, betrayal, lies

lost all of her dreams in the darkness
and her friends disappeared in the haze
no helping hand
no help to survive
always banned
keeps herself alive

and the friends that she used to see
is by far long gone
for the girl that she used to be
the last chapter has been drawn

treason, highs, betrayal, lies

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