Teaser for the album Perspective Views by Windom End. Clips from the song The Dream, featuring:

Mikael Arvidsson - Vocals, harmony vocals
Pierre Stam - Bass, basspedals, keyboards, harmony vocals
Tomas Nyström - Guitars, keyboards
Tobias Lundgren - Drums

..."You'll see me in your dream now, hopefully, but nothing is what it seems. You'll see me in your dream"...

Permafrost Today added an article about Windom End


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... "Get on the train to the residence that makes a difference, throw your seed and join the revolution. Let your own soul be the judge for whom you want to be. Trust your instinct of human constitution, dispel the minds of confusion"...

Teaser for Windom End's "Perspective Views" - Exclusive debut double album out in Japan April 2020.

..."It is time for a change, throw your seed. Let's make up for our faults and take the lead"...

Oleg from the blog "New Prog Releases" added our album.

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... "Without a thought that we would drown in the pollution they keep on running, and hitting all their goals. But to really to see for who they truly are - they have to look outside their goldmine bazaar"...


Painting for Windom End - Perspective Views

... "You're standing right here beside me, here within the dream. Holding the candle that’s been lightening up your way . People around us walking in the dark. It's time to awaken, tomorrow i’ll be gone so you must pass this candle on"...

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